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What we do: Newtro Arts, founded in November 2021 by Santiago Petruzziello and Yvonne Lavigne, aims to promote, educate, and introduce latin american artists and cultural agents to blockchain technology and NFTs. We seek to communicate the significance of the web3 art ecosystem beyond the blockchain itself.

Our Vision: We strive to be pioneers in blockchain and web3 cultural management, with a deep understanding of the geographically localized challenges faced by Latin American countries. By interpreting the blockchain, we aspire to create an environment where all contemporary artists and cultural agents can freely, unconditionally, and autonomously make a living from their work.

Connecting Local and Global Communities: Newtro Arts bridges the local crypto art ecosystem with Latin American scenes, fostering a vibrant community of Latin crypto artists. Through collaboration, we build bridges between diverse digital artistic communities worldwide, promoting international interaction and cooperation among projects.

Democratizing Art and Culture: We believe that digital media serves as an agile and powerful tool for culture and art to spread transparently on the blockchain, reaching international markets with remarkable immediacy. Newtro Arts is committed to integrating traditional art spaces and actors with new digital media, democratizing technology (by achieving a free-for-end users model for our workshops), collecting, and creation, empowering artistic and cultural work through innovative means.

Our Core Values: Newtro Arts operates on a bottom-up, geographically specialized, and collaborative approach. Our steady growth has garnered strong support from the local artistic NFT space and the Argentine crypto enthusiasts community. We prioritize artistic value and cultural impact over FOMO and hype, making us an aspiring-to-be foundation with a clear purpose and narrative rather than a for-profit enterprise. Our priorities are to communicate about the technology and its impact in artistic latin american communities, as well as offer our knowledge about it free of charge and as a human right.

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